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Generation Why?

Generation Why?

My name is Tyler. From New York City! I am a Metal Head, now and forever! I am a musician. Main instrument being guitar. 14 years of it, and still going. :D I love to talk, about anything. I'm a great listener. So always feel free to inbox ;3 instagram: @TPilizota24

Reblog this if I can vent to you? Like completely skip all the awkwardness and just start talking to you.

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My Dash is slow.


my dash isn’t


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The 12X36 TRIO is completed with all Millwork/Cabinets, Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances. The 12X36 features 12VDC Lighting Circuits, and a AC/DC Power Center for ‘plug-and-play’ connection to renewable power sources, such as Solar (PV) and wind. The HVAC system is comprised of an integrated, tankless domestic-hot-water system and air-handler that has a total annual carbon footprint of less than 0.5 Metric Tons annually (almost 20 times less than a conventional home). All woods are FSC certified and formaldehyde-free. The Western Red Cedar used for the exterior cladding and interior finish in the washroom is both aesthetically pleasing and has a natural resistance to mold and rot.

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Anonymous asked: Because you are gorgeous and intelligent and funny and you post awesome stuff. You are an absolute dreamboat. Unf.


JIkaopwgoawl[‘adkjwkfioplaw <3333333

This made my night. x3

tell me why u follow me on anon



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What I’m working on. :) Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez #heartbeats #josegonzalez #recording #ableton #yay #sterling #st55 #vocal #acoustic